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The Most Comprehensive Product on the Market. And it Works!





What is Plan C?

Plan C is an all natural supplement which supports your body when you drink. Plan C works to beat hangover symptoms before they start and when taken before and after a night of drinking, Plan C allows you to wake up to a brighter morning. Listen to Dr. Andi here to learn more!

Hangover? We Can Fix That!

Plan C is the first product of it’s kind. It was formulated by Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Andra Campitelli, specifically to support your body when you drink. It helps to process alcohol, it can replenish nutrients that may be lost through alcohol consumption, acts as a wonderful antioxidant and supports the liver AND digestive tract.

Plan C is the First All-Natural Hangover Helper Supplement.

Plan C was formulated by Dr. Andra Campitelli (aka Dr. Andi), a Naturopathic Doctor and nutraceutical formulation specialist. After years of helping patients recover from a night out, it was time to create something that everyone could use!



Plan C was formulated with PREVENTION in mind!

To help support your body during times of a little (or a lot) of over indulgence, and to replenish those lost vitamins and minerals, so you can enjoy your night AND feel refreshed the next day.

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Quality Counts.

What do you get when you buy Plan C? Years of Dr. Andi’s medical expertise in a bottle!

Plan C is the first doctor formulated hangover helper that is NPN certified in Canada. Don’t settle for the other gimmicky products on the market, which can be made with questionable ingredients and in foreign labs. Plan C is proudly made in Canada! Learn More.

Customer Testimonials

See What Users Of Plan C Have To Say!

After a big boys night out, the next morning I felt completely clear headed and ready to tackle the day.

Matt D. / Toronto

I had one too many glasses of wine last night and I had no idea how I was going to get up in the morning with the kids…Thank you Plan C, I had no problems at all.

Jacob M. / Calgary

It was supposed to be a quick drink with some colleagues and it turned into a night out. I wouldn’t have made it into work in the morning if it wasn’t for Plan C!

Sarah H. / Montreal

Plan C allows me to have fun and still be able to function like normal the next morning. This stuff is amazing!

Kevin C. / Victoria

So I don’t drink alcohol all that much however I do on big nights out. Last weekend I gave PLAN C (hangover cure) a try and it was great! Bounced back quicker as it re-hydrated me from all the vitamins and minerals I lost.

Keto C. / Enfield

This booze bonanza – and our successful 7am wake up call on New Year’s Day – is brought to you by Plan C. You never disappoint, Andra!!!!! ‪#‎lifesaver @andracampitelli

Katherine F. / Ajax

The Most Comprehensive Product on the Market. And it Works!