The 1 Stocking Stuffer You Need for The Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner and the malls are already swamped with shoppers ready to make purchases. From clothes to electronics, people in the festive mood are buying gifts for their loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc. Let’s not forget about the little knick-knacks, like toothbrushes (BORING!), socks and lotto tickets that are put in […]

Drinking Champagne Can Prevent Dementia & Alzheimer’s

If you’re a fan of the all time most favorable celebration drink, then you may want to find more reasons to celebrate. Recent studies suggest that drinking a glass of bubbly champagne three times a week can actually improve memory and remove the risks of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists at Reading University found […]

3 Must Have Drinks At Your Halloween Party

Halloween is just around the corner and every Halloween party needs spooky and weird looking drinks. Whether you’re hosting your own house jam or attending a Halloween party elsewhere, make sure to not only bring your scary costumes, but serve your guests some Halloween alcoholic beverages. It’s the perfect addition to any costume party! Here […]

8 Vodka Uses You Didn’t Know Existed

Vodka isn’t just used for cocktails or a round of 10 shots. It’s pricier than rubbing alcohol but this bar staple has the same sterile properties, making it a clever replacement. Here are 10 uses of vodka that you haven’t heard of.   Use #1: I Can See Clearly Now.. Forget about paying those money-hungry […]

5 Healthy Alcoholic Beverages You Should Be Drinking

How do ‘alcohol’ and ‘healthy’ end up in the same sentence? Drinking alcohol regularly and living a healthy lifestyle does seem impossible, right? Wrongo! There’s ways to maintain your inner health freak while having a nice cold one with your clan. It’s hard to see passed the beer carbs, the sugary mixed drinks and wine […]