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“Aging makes us more vulnerable to alcohol induced hangover”

“If the proper combination of antioxidants is taken at the time the alcohol is consumed or before the inebriated individual goes to bed, the hangover and much of the cellular damage caused by alcohol may be prevented.” (11)

The ingredients in PLAN C were specifically chosen for their benefits in hangover prevention.

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Each ingredient selected carefully and tested thoroughly before being included into the Plan C formula.

Resveratrol (Polygonum Cuspidatum Root)

Most people are familiar with resveratrol, the antioxidant found in red wine, and have heard of the benefits of this compound.  However, these benefits apply to moderate red wine consumption.  The by-products of alcohol create massive free-radical damage to the cells, and this free-radical damage creates an effect similar to that caused by radiation poisoning (11). Low dose resveratrol has been shown to produce cellular protection and reduce damage from these by-products. Antioxidants consumed I early evening or before an inebriated individual goes to bed, may prevent cellular damage and a hangover (11).

Vitamins and Minerals

Many vitamins and minerals are naturally depleted upon consumption of alcohol, therefore supplementing throughout the day is very important (25). Vitamin C, vitamin B1 and magnesium are among the key nutrients that help to neutralize those alcohol by-products and protect against the damaging effects of alcohol, so it’s important replete these key minerals and vitamins, that play a role as cofactors in many reactions in the body and are powerful antioxidants.

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