8 Vodka Uses You Didn’t Know Existed

Vodka isn’t just used for cocktails or a round of 10 shots. It’s pricier than rubbing alcohol but this bar staple has the same sterile properties, making it a clever replacement. Here are 10 uses of vodka that you haven’t heard of.


Use #1: I Can See Clearly Now..

Forget about paying those money-hungry optometrists – turn to vodka! Pour some vodka, water and a drop of dish soap into a spray bottle and use it as a solution to clean your glasses, streak free.


Use #2: Shiny Windows and Fixtures

Say goodbye to chemicals! If Vodka can leave your glasses streak free then, of course, it can be used to clean your windows and revive your fixtures. Wipe down your windows and fixtures with a cloth soaked in vodka. You’re welcome.


Use #3: Kills Weeds

We hate pesticides! Mix vodka with water and a few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle and attack the enemy.


Use #4: Flower Power

Does anyone else notice that the powder you get when you purchase flowers doesn’t really work? Or is that just me? Instead, add a teaspoon of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water in your flower vases to increase their lifespan.


Use #5: Shine On

We could all use a drink but so does your hair. Vodka helps make your locks extra shiny and healthy due to its low pH. Add just an ounce to your shampoo bottle to get your hair feeling good.


Use #6: Funky Feet

Feet smells are the worst smells. But Vodka is your hero! Clean those smelly puppies by soaking them in vodka. Spray diluted vodka into shoes for a natural refresher too.


Use #7: Sanitizer

If you are in an environment where you’re surrounded by germs, like a daycare, you know the importance of having clean hands. Vodka is a natural enemy to bacteria so give your hands a spray to be bacteria free… And if you’re having a bad day you know the next steps 😉


Use #8: Targets Bugs

Vodka is an incredibly effective bug repellent. Forget the bug spray and candles – just pour some vodka in a spray bottle, add an scented oil for a pleasant smell and spray it all over your body. Say goodbye to mosquito bites.


There you have it. From household remedies to medical treatments – enjoy Vodka and don’t forget to use Vodka for yourself with Plan C by your side.

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