The Story of Three

We are the Campitelli Siblings. Brother and sisters who grew up in a family that was full of love, life, laughter, food and wine. As children, our house was the hub of activity, as our parents were extremely social and loved to entertain.

We have fond memories of being put to bed after an evening of company, while the fun was still going on in the kitchen, and then sneaking to sit at the top of the stairs while listening to the sound of laughter and glasses clinking as family and friends enjoyed themselves into the early hours of the morning.

A dinner in our home was never complete without a glass of wine, a Pastis, scotch or sherry to conclude the deliciousness. However, we learned early on, that it was never about the alcohol. However, it was never about over-indulging or drinking for the sake of drinking. In our home, it was the pleasure of each other’s company and the occasion or celebration. It was an addition to our life style, and one that we all enjoyed.

Even today, our happiest of times are spent together – the entire family sitting around a table, talking, telling stories and debating – we’re all wonderfully happy when we are together (yes, we are those people who want to buy houses on the same street so we can be closer to each other). It is a common occurrence for us to sit down to eat and realize that the time has run away from us … as did the amount of wine we consumed…and that we all needed to get up and be functional at work the next day.

This is how our product came to be. We want to enjoy our time with our family and friends, we want to be able to appreciate a drink (whether it’s one glass or three), and we want to be at our best the next day. So the Campitelli Siblings decided to collaborate. With our varied experiences, expertise and professional backgrounds, together, we brought our unique skills to the table, and created Plan C.

We each believe in the purity of food and living a healthy lifestyle, so the quality of what we put in our bodies is extremely important. So we wanted to create a product in line with those principles and values. Certified by Health Canada and with a registered NPN, Plan C is doctor-formulated, contains no additives or chemicals, and helps to combat some of those post-celebration problems.

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