The Ultimate Girls Night Out Checklist



Let’s face it – a girl’s night out is the best night out! It’s always a fun time to plan a night out with your girlfriends and it’s an even better time when you’re with them. Whether you’re going out to a restaurant or a club, or even staying in at a house, here’s a checklist of what you’ll need to have a successful girls night out!

1. Invite the Girls

Invite the gals that you know will make this outing a memorable one. Let them know a date and a time and make sure to inform them that this is a GIRLS ONLY party.

2. Outfit

This is probably the hardest part since girls take about 3 months, 7 weeks and 4 days to figure out their outfits. Make sure you plan ahead to find an outfit that matches the occasion so you and your besties could look top notch in pictures.

3. Food

It’s best not to go out on an empty stomach so make sure you ladies have a full tummy. Order in or go to a nice restaurant and splurge with the ladies.

4. Alcohol

There are so many girly drinks out there. From Sangria to Wine to fruity cocktails – without these lovely staples, a girls night just won’t seem so right.

5. Transportation

If there’s alcohol in the picture, then arrange for someone to be a DD (but that’s no fun). Or arrange Uber or Taxi services so you don’t have to worry about how you will get home. Sleepovers are always an option too to extend your girls night.

6. Music

Our fav! A party isn’t a party without some music that you and your ladies can dance AND sing to. Come up with the ultimate girls night out playlist and you’re outing will be a good one.

7. Plan C

Of course this is on the list! Sometimes you can lose track of how much alcohol your consuming during a girls night out. If you want to avoid a hangover with your girls then make sure you have Plan C handy!


If you bring all of the above to a girls night out then we can guarantee you will have a successful girls night out. What else do you think is important to have or do with your girls? Drop a comment below and tell us what’s missing on this list. Let’s go girls 😉

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